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10 Years War Soldiers Clan

A clan story:

A German, an Austrian and a Swiss meet in Crysis 2.
Let's give them the names saibot852, lyrus and Joker.
The three are so fond of each other that a short time later a baby named Fight4Fighting is born,
which would soon be renamed War Soldiers Clan

The War Soldiers Clan would develop magnificently in the first few years.
It grew to become one of the largest German-speaking Crysis 3 clans and successfully competed in contests with the best players in the world.

After the Crysis 3 hype had faded and the cheaters had increasingly pushed the clean players off the field,
the War Soldiers Clan left home and settled in previously unknown areas called Couter-Strike,
Battlefield and Titalfall. There he met many new friends. However,
he found it difficult to get a foothold in many places, so he quickly left many areas again.

One day he arrived in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. It was a very nice place where he spent a few years of his life.
With many new friends, he dominated and destroyed the noobs on the servers there in sweaty nights.

When the love for Call of Duty was already fading,
the young royal lady Fortnite suddenly caused a big stir in the life of the War Soldiers clan.
However, the happiness was to last only until a distant acquaintance of Titanfall entered the stage; her name was Apex Legends.

How it went on after that, you'll find out next time.

Dear War Soldiers, let us proudly present the WS in the game name.
Let's raise our glasses and remember all the comrades who improved our score.

Here's to another 10 years of War Soldiers Clan.
From saibot852 on 10/18/2022 07:03 PM

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