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From saibot852 on 12/20/2014 10:48 PM |

1st c3ahu Tournament Sign-up

c3ahu will start her first tournament.

Gamemode: Crashsite 2vs2
Perks: Maneuverability + 2x XP Bonus ONLY - NO OTHER SUIT PERKS
Weapons: Majestic / Hammer / Nova (No AY69 / NO PRIMARY WEAPON)
Attachments: All except laser accepted.
Explosives: Flash Bang / EMP / Smoke Grenade - (NO JAW / NO FRAG GRENADE)
Maps: Skyline / Financial District / East River

There will be: No HUD / No Radar / No Hip Fire Crossair / No Pinger / No Pole / No Shield / No Alien Weapons / No HMG (Cars will remain and Car Kicks are legal)

No Time limit - Score limit of 300

All matches must be recorded. Using a webcam/Video Camera or Cellphone showing Screen Keyboard + Mouse. This is to prevent the use of overlay cheat software that aren't visible on normal recordings. Also record as normal for full and detailed view of match play. ( Winner of the tournament has to provide both recordings to be able to qualify for price money)

From saibot852 on 11/26/2014 08:33 PM |

Crysis 3 AHU Anti Hack Unit

About C3AHU
The Crysis 3 Anti Hack Unit was created off the idea originally created by Fragman.

Our goal is simple. Get as many hacker banned from as many servers as possible.
So the more admins we get on this forum and the more player help us report them, we can turn the tide in our favour and get Crysis to be a clean and fair battleground for all players.

EA & Crytek no longer support the game, so it's up to us, the players and server admins to make sure
hackers are dealt with quickly and harshly.

Your support will make a difference.

The forum is still new, so new sections will be added later on.

Please Support us in this fight and lets unite as a unit against hackers!

From saibot852 on 10/22/2014 07:58 PM |

CvsR Tournament

TDM organize a CvsR Tournament in october.

Here some infos.
Official Topic here :

Date : 24th / 25th October on 19H00 GMT+1 (Paris)
Players/team : 3vs3
Victory rounds to win : 2
Max rounds : 3

From saibot852 on 09/24/2014 04:43 PM |

"ASCENSION" Crysis 3 Tournament

''Crysis Community'' is bringing you, the Crysis 3 Community, a great eSports gaming event. There have been very few successful ones in the history of Crysis 3, and the ones that have had that slight success have left us wanting for something more concrete. One thing led to another and here we go, the "ASCENSION" tournament.
Time will tell how many teams show up. A 16-team tournament would be optimal, but if the 16-team number is reached more teams are still encouraged to join us.

read more

From saibot852 on 09/09/2014 09:53 PM |

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