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Welcome on our C3 Rcon page,
powered by War Soldiers Clan.

-Server broadcasts
-Server statistic
-Full server administration
-User Leaderboard
-Cheater report
-Banlist for your homepage
-Server banners for your homepage
-Server banners for Forums
-Easy player ID finder
-Player banners for Forums
-Shared banlist
-Automatic banlist update
-Easy to use
-Its free to use!!!


Hello guys,

I have fixed the problem with the autologin. Now the autologin is works. everything is fine.

Your C3 Rcon Admin-Team

From saibot852 on 06/09/2023 01:42 PM |
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10 Years War Soldiers Clan

A clan story:

A German, an Austrian and a Swiss meet in Crysis 2.
Let's give them the names saibot852, lyrus and Joker.
The three are so fond of each other that a short time later a baby named Fight4Fighting is born,
which would soon be renamed War Soldiers Clan

From saibot852 on 10/18/2022 07:03 PM |


Dear Community,

We will shutdown our services in the next Year.

Your C3 Rcon Admin-Team

From saibot852 on 12/17/2018 08:39 PM |


Dear Community,

We have currently massive problems with our data bank. We provide for the fact that we remove this as fast as possible.

We apologize for the inconveniences and ask for your understanding.

Your C3 Rcon Admin-Team

From saibot852 on 07/21/2017 10:20 AM |


We have change our web hosting system. 
  • faster
  • more stable
  • to 99% accessible
Our banlist is now up to date.
We hope for another use of our web page.

your c3-rcon Admin

From saibot852 on 03/01/2017 01:30 PM |

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